Is Kindle Publishing Dead? (Self-Publishing)


Is Kindle Publishing Dead?

Is Kindle Publishing Dead? (Self-Publishing)For the last few years, Kindle Publishing has been all the rage. Everyone and anyone — including those who weren’t writers or even authors — were in the ‘business’ because there was tons of money to be made. This golden era that saw many people rushing off to well-known websites to get services done at a mere $5. People could invest a pittance in a book, get someone else to produce the content, and earn thousands of dollars a month.

The result was similar to any gold rush. While some people were ‘killing it’ with profits, others were simply making a decent living from the process. Lack of planning and the ‘knowing’ that this form of mass publishing was short-term, has ruined the practice of the ‘Publish and Dump’ approach. It also had the effect of sidelining ordinary authors, who were not business-minded. Many of them simply gave up self-publishing their books and went back into the workforce.

So … is Kindle Publishing dead?

The initial — and unprecedented — bubble has burst, and now we are sorting the fool’s gold from the bronze, and sifting to uncover the true gold. In short, Kindle Publishing is dead. Those ‘killing it’, literally killed the business model. It was not sustainable, and the Amazon gods are angry. They have been sending down bolts of lightning on those that do not conform.

Is Kindle Publishing Dead? (Self-Publishing)The good news is that ‘Ordinary’ self-publishing can now flourish. Any person looking to publish is required to think about the long-term prospects of the business. For those that have stuck with it, and are still striving to put out quality publications, now is the time to succeed.

The age of slapping together shockingly poor books has ended. Where it was possible to spit out a library of publications, riddled with typographical and grammatical errors, coupled with appalling layout and formatting, now there is only room to sell quality publications.

Therefore, the free lunch is finished and now we can move on to a sustainable diet of fantastic books. The world doesn’t need any more rubbish, and we are now in a unique position to deliver high quality content that sells, and continues to flourish.

If you are only just starting out in the self-publishing field, stick with it. It’s rewarding and it is possible to eke out a living in the long haul — if you carefully lay down your foundations. It’s key to any business, and publishing is no different.

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